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Super Girder Clamp

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Product Description

• Fitted with a ‘Gussett’ in both jaws of the beam clamp maximising contact between the beam and beam clamp increasing the grip of the beam clamp.

• A shackle is fitted to the bottom of the beam clamp allowing ease of connection of an attached hoist.

• The beam clamp can be used to an angle of 45 to the vertical. When the angle is moved away from the vertical the working load limit of the beam clamp needs to be reduced. Please refer to the table opposite - Reduction in working load limits when side loads are applied.


If lifting at any angle other than 0°, then a reduction is SWL will be applied. Please see table below and second image for reference.

Angle from Vertical   0    0 to 15     15 to 30     30 to 45
Reduction Factor   Nil    17% 34%     50%
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