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Product Description

Round slings provide a useful alternative to wires or chains when lifting a wide range of items or when the manual handling of the slings is a problem. Because they offer gentle contact with the load, they are particularly suited to lifting fragile objects. Round slings also provide extra grip, making them an ideal choice when you need to lift round loads.

Round slings combine good strength and durability with a high degree of flexibility, which makes them a reliable choice for many lifting tasks. Our round slings are available for loads ranging from 1 tonne to 150 tonnes, and in a range of effective working lengths (EWL is equal to half the circumference). Round slings can be manufactured upon request to meet your specific needs.

Protective wear sleeves can be fitted to improve the sling's life cycle, and hardware end fittings are optional. You can be reassured that all our slings are manufactured to the latest approved standard..

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