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Product Description

This high quality, hydraulically operated floor crane is the essential piece of equipment you need for lifting loads safely and efficiently. Rugged construction makes the crane sturdy and powerful enough to lift engines and other heavyweight objects reliably. 

It’s also compact and highly manoeuvrable, with roller bearing wheels and a castors providing ease of mobility. The crane features a telescopic boom that provides extra reach.

It’s easy to set up too, so you can be ready to lift within minutes. When you’re finished, the boom collapses conveniently and the legs fold away neatly for easy transportation and storage.

Much safer than a traditional rigid floor crane, this precision-engineered packaway floor crane is incredibly easy to operate, offering remarkable versatility for a wide range of jobs. With a choice of models offering load bearing capacities from 500 kg to 2 tonnes, we’ve got something to match every lifting requirement.

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