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The Yaletrac range of portable cable pullers provide a versatile tool for pulling, lifting, lowering, tensioning and securing loads over long distances. They are easy and safe to use and are almost service free.

They are light weight, compact, high strength aluminium alloy housing with a large flat bottom surface for increased stability in horizontal as well as vertical working positions.

Specifically designed for applications within industry, building construction, civil engineering, ship building, power line construction, and oil refineries etc.

• Forward and reversing levers, operating in tandem provide slim design and assure power transfer along the centre line.

• A lever disengages the rope clam system allowing easy and smooth installation / removal of the wire rope

• Overload protection is provided by a shear pin in the forward operating lever. Spare shear pins are conveniently located in the carrying handle or operating lever.

• Large opening in the top of the units allows easy cleaning: simply flush the unit with a bucket of water, apply motor oil for lubrication and the yaletrac is ready for use again

• The Yaletrac cable pullers use  a special flexible wire rope. It has six strands with a steel core. The rope is tapered at one end for easy threading and fitted with an eye sling hook with safety latch on the other end.

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