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Product Description

These ergonomic hand weights can be used on building sites and factories for testing the load bearing strength of a lifting system or platform. Each high quality weight has a handle for ease of use and can be stacked within a hand weight basket, cradle or trolley, where greater loads are required.

Whatever you need to load-test, or whatever your ballast requirements, these hand weights will provide a simple, effective solution for you. They are especially useful in cases where it is not convenient to use slab weights, as these hand weights can be carried by one person.

• 12kg individual weights.
• Fully manoeuvrable.
• Easy to grip handle.
• Can be used for load testing or testing ballast requirements.

Please note that these weights should be used with due consideration given to health and safety and manual handling.  If you require detailed advice or guidance on using these weights safely, please feel free to contact us.

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