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Product Description

The HT or Alloy steel Shackles come in two different types, A Bow or a Dee shackle.

Shackles are used as a removable link in your lifting system. They are the ideal solution for many lifting applications, slinging application

Our HT Bow & Dee shackles are Grade 4 high tensile steel, quenched and tempered. They conform to BS3032.

Our alloy Bow & Dee Shackles conform to EN 13889 and meet the performance requirements of US Fed Spec RC-C-271 Type IVA class 2, Grade A.

This means you can count on them to meet your safety needs on site and at work.

Our hot dipped galvanised shackles have a minimum breaking load of 6 times the working load limit. Along with this, they are suitable for temperatures ranging from -20C up to 200C. They can be used in challenging environments that need a tough lifting solution.

Our extensive range of Bow & Dee shackles come in a variety of SWL’S (Safe Working Loads)

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