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Product Description

Chain slings provide excellent lifting in extreme conditions. They can be used in situations where other types of slings would fail, particularly through abrasion and extreme temperatures. They are suitable for use in temperatures from -40C to 200C without reduction in the working load limit (Grade 80 lifting chains can be used up to 400C with reductions in load limit).

All of our 4 leg chain sling chains and components are manufactured to the latest approved standards EN818-4. This ensures that your job can be completed safely. The 4 leg chain slings can be used for many types of construction and industrial lifting jobs that require a distribution of a heavy load. They offer an effective, safe solution for many applications.

We provide Grade 80 lifting chains and Grade 100 lifting chains in a variety of lengths. All come with shortening clutches and self locking hooks, with other hook styles available.

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