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Aluminium Portable Gantries

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Product Description

Lightweight, portable yet stable when fully loaded, this gantry system is popular with our customers who need fast assembly, mobile lifting systems that are perfectly adapted to challenging working environments. SWL up to 5 tonnes.

Main features:-

• SWL: up to 5 tonne capacity to match your needs; safe load handling.

• Adjustable height: incremental movements allow you to extend the gantry to match the conditions of the job.

• Adjustable beam: adjust the gantry’s span to fit any width; great for narrow and confined spaces.

• Sturdy casters: safe, secure wheel locking system with excellent floor protection.

• The easily adjustable height makes it great for use on uneven floors surfaces and rooftops.

• The gantry can be used in lift shafts or other confined spaces making it easy to get through narrow doorways.

• Quick assembly and take down makes this gantry highly portable and easy to transport between your vehicle and site.

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