With centres from London to Glasgow, Lifting Gear UK offers a full range of equipment with lifting capacities from 10 kg to 900 tonnes. We can call upon over 120 years of experience to advise, specify and supply the right lifting gear for you, including our comprehensive range of accessories.

At Lifting Projects UK, we have the expertise to plan and complete your most challenging lifting projects. We’re known for our meticulous attention to detail, highly skilled labour and ultra-professional project management.

We offer a full range of training and familiarisation programmes with flexible delivery. You can attend courses at our Training Centre near Hinkley Point, in Bridgwater or at, or near, any Lifting Gear UK Centre. Bespoke courses to meet your specific needs can be held at your premises.

Steelwise is our very own design and fabrication centre, so we can supply truly unique lifting solutions. If the equipment doesn’t exist, we’ll make it for you to all relevant international standards and painted in your company livery.

The ability to manage the changing plan was a terrific example of project management in action and the result is seen by everyone here as a big success…

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