Site Equipment & Hoists

Lifting Gear UK are specialists in the provision of construction site equipment for sale or hire.  We understand the variety of tools & equipment a building site project demands, so Lifting Gear UK cover all bases.

Our comprehensive range of building site equipment includes:-


  • Material Conveyors – these are supplied in 3.1m lengths and can be used individually or as a ‘series’. Ideal for excavation or renovation work.
  • A variety of Site Hoists:
  • Scaffold Jib Hoist. Weighs only 42kgs and runs on 110v single phase power. The swing arm jib allows it to rotate 180 degrees.
  • Builders Gantry Hoist. Ideal for use when there is nowhere to attach a scaffold hoist. A ballast box can be attached to increase lifting capacity.
  • Hoddi Hoist. Designed to take the strain off the builder and can be used to easily transport all major building materials from the ground up to working level.
  • Bumpa Hoist – Designed to make easy work of transporting roof slates and tiles up to the working level quickly and with little effort.
  • Vacuum Glass Lifter – Self-contained, dual circuit, battery operated vacuum lifters with various capacities.


Whether you’re in need of a Glass Lifter, Material Conveyor, Hoists or a Pulley Wheel, Lifting Gear UK makes sure you have everything you need, all in one place. View our range of site equipment and hoists available for hire or sale below.

Click below to hire on-line or  contact us by telephone for sales or to discuss your requirements. All orders can be delivered direct to you or picked up from one of our local branches throughout the UK.


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