Load Testing and Measurement

Load testing and measurement is essential to ensuring that you’re creating the safest working environment possible. From Loadcell Radiolink to wireless compression cells, we offer products that will ensure you’re fully informed about the lifting loads that you will be dealing with.

The Loadcell Radiolink is not just capable of weighing, it can also be used to monitor dynamic loads. The product is constructed of high quality aircraft grade aluminium, so you can rest assured that it is durable with an unrivalled strength to weight ratio. We offer this product in a variety of safe working loads starting at 1T and going all the way up to 300T, so no matter what your job is, we have the Loadcell Radiolink that’s perfect for you.

The wireless road shackles are available with a safe working load that varies from 3.25T and 500T, so no matter the size of your load, we have the product to ensure you can work safely. This product also offers the perfect solution to any job with limited headroom and equipped with a hard-anodized aluminium electronics enclosure, the shackles are protected from environmental factors.

Our wireless compression cells remove the reliability on tough to manage cables to ensure that large scale weighing projects can be completed in a fraction of the time, meaning you have more time to focus on other areas of the project. With a safe working load that starts at 50T and goes up to maximum of 500T, we have plenty of these cells to help you complete any large scale weighing job. The compressions cells can also be supplied with an optional cap to help further protect whatever load you’re working with.

If you can’t find what you’re looking in this section, we also have a wide variety of options available to hire, which can be viewed here.


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