Height Safety

Stay safe on site with Lifting Gear UK’s range of height safety equipment, specially designed for construction & industry, including safety harnesses and fall arrest equipment.

Height safety is of vital importance. According to the Health and Safety Executive falls from height remain the most common cause of workplace fatality. In 2008/09 there were 35 fatalities, 4654 major injuries and a further 7065 injuries that caused the injured person to be off work for over 3 days or more, due to a fall from height. You can be assured by us at Lifting Gear UK that our site safety equipment provides a safe & reliable environment when working to prevent injury caused by falls from height on construction sites and elsewhere.

Safety harness equipment is essential for any work at height system. Safety harnesses consist of shoulder, thigh and sit straps. They are available with front, rear and side straps. Speak to one of our trained representatives about your requirements so that we can recommend the best suitable safety harness for your application.

We also provide a full range of fall arrest equipment including:

  • Lanyards, available in fall arrest or restraint only. These can be supplied in rope or webbing
  • Inertia reels – a fall arrest device with a self retractable cable. Available in fully automatic self retracting or. For confined space entry, retrievable inertia reels
  • Roof Anchors – Designed to aid the user where hand rails are not available. Ideal for short term maintenance operations on flat or short pitched roofs
  • Webbing Anchor Slings – designed to be wrapped or chocked around a fixed anchor point.

As well as supplying height safety equipment, on a hire or sales basis, we will also inspect and service harnesses and lanyards as required under LOLER. Are you aware of the inspection/ service requirements of your height safety gear? Inspection: Every 6 months – harnesses, lanyards, inertia reels, anchor sling Service: Every 12 months – Inertia Reels.

Lifting Gear UK has both the expertise and equipment to help you work at height safely.


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