Crane Equipment

Lifting Gear UK’s specialist crane equipment, from grabs to cages and lifting cradles, offers everything you may need when working on site with mobile, crawler or tower cranes.

Our man riding baskets are available in 1 man, 2 man, 4 man, and 6 man sizes. Man riding baskets are to be utilised with a crane to assist with safe working at height. Man baskets for forklifts are also available. A safety harness with a suitable lanyard must be worn when using a man riding basket. All our man riding baskets comply with current LOLER recommendations.

Other crane site equipment available includes:

  • Block grabs - can be used to lift all standard brick and block packs. They can be used along with cranes and forklift trucks. The use of a spillage net is recommended
  • Crane forks (or pallet forks/ brick forks) - allows the safe and easy movement of palletised loads using a crane. A net is provided with the forks to prevent accidental spillage
  • Board forks - primarily designed to lift plaster or composite timber board but can handle any similar product. Board forks can be used vertically or horizontally
  • Goods cage – perfect for when you need to lift a load that is broken down into several pieces. Various sizes are available.

All equipment is checked thoroughly prior to order, ensuring the highest quality products are delivered directly to you from one of the largest construction and industry suppliers in the UK.


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