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LOLER inspections and testing


Design and fabrication

Contract lifting service

Heavy lifting equipment

Crane mats

Crane mats and road plates

Genie lift hire

Lifting slings, chains and loose gear

Lifting gantries, floor cranes and material lifts

Crane equipment

Electric hoists and winches

Lifting jacks and skates

Lifting beams

Site equipment and hoists

Stone, muck and concrete handling

Lifting trucks and trolleys

Height safety equipment

Testing and load measurement

Lifting clamps and girder trolleys

Forklift truck accessories

Genie superlift

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Webbing sling

One leg chain sling

Two leg chain sling

Four leg chain sling

Large dee shackle

Alloy bow shackle

Piping shackle

Concrete lifting clutch

Round sling

Wire rope sling

Modular spreader beam

Roof panel lifting beam

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Design and fabrication

Refund policy

Terms and conditions

Steel crane mat

Hardwood crane mat (EKKI mats)



Nylacast big foot

Nylon crane mat

Aluminum steel gantry

Tall aluminium gantry

Packaway floor crane

Counter balance floor crane

12kg hand weight

Shear legs

Manhole cover lifter

Material lift fork extension

Material lifting boom

Material lift load plate

Material lift pipe cradle

Material lift roust-a-bout

Roust-a-bout extension

Panel lifter

Panel lifter extension bar

Beam lifter

Compact Genie lift

Counter balance Genie material lift

Gas Genie superhoist

Block grabs

Goods carrying cage

Man riding basket

Gas bottle lifting cage

Crane forks

Skip lifting cradle

Cranable stretcher cage

Board forks

Chain block

360 degree manual chain hoist

Electric chain hoist

Air hoist

Manifor hoist

Minifor hoist and sheave kit

Minifor hoist rope

Lever hoist

Hydraulic lift pull machine

Hydraulic powered lifting pulling machine

Lift pulling machine power pack

Sheave block

Cable pulling winch

Pump for hydraulic lift pull machine

Ram for hydraulic lift pull machine

Hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder - 90T

Hydraulic hand pump

Hydraulic hose

Hydraulic hose extension

Aluminium hydraulic jack

Hydraulic steel toe jack

Bottle jack

Ratchet cabin jack

Ratchet jack

Steerable nylon load moving skates

Steel machine skates set

Cable drum load bar

Cable drum screw jacks

Roller crow bar

Aero go jacks

Cable drum jacks

Hydraulic trolley jack

Hydraulic separating lifting wedge

Hydraulic puller kit

Fixed single point lifting beam

Lifting under beam

Adjustable single point lifting beam

Palanbox hoist

Material conveyor

HODDI hoist

Builders gantry hoist

Scaffold jib hoist

Scaffold pulley wheel

Bumpa hoist tile slate conveyor

Geared concrete skip

Concrete column skip

Muck skip

Cargo net

Flag laying vacuum handles

Stone vacuum magnet

Vacuum kerb stone layer

Kerb stone lifting handles

Universal lifting handles

Concrete kerb grab

Block paving extractor

Concrete lifting clutch eye rings

Lifting pins for manhole

Manhole ring clamp

Manhole ring lifter

Pipe lifting hooks

Pipe laying hooks

Fork mounted kerb stone layer

Mechanical boulder rock grab

Cable carrying cart

Standard pallet truck

Wide pallet truck

High lift pallet truck

Weighing pallet truck

Electric powered pallet truck

All-terrain pallet truck

Two wheel board trolley

Four wheel board trolley

Sack truck

Furniture mover

Manual stair climber

Powered stair climber

Hydraulic scissor table

Turntable truck

Towable site bogey

Long nose pallet truck

Yale Rescue safety harness

Retractable / Retrievable inertia reels

Retractable lanyard

Inertia reel mini block

Roof anchor

Fall arrest tripod

Horizontal temporary lifeline

Sliding girder roller

Webbing anchor sling

Davit arm counter weight system

Yale single point harness

Yale two point harness

Yale two point quick connect harness

Digital load indicator

Load indicator (PC attachment)

Load indicator remote control

Cheese weight

Cheese weight pole (500KG)

Hand weight

Hand weight basket

Hand weights and cradles

Compression load cell

Intrinsically safe load measure hook

Test weight slabs (per tonne)

Girder beam clamp

Girder trolley

Geared girder beam trolleys

Drum tongs

Pipe lifting hooks

Pipe laying hooks

Lifting magnets

Vertical plate clamps

Horizontal plate clamp

Container twist lock

Adjustable rail lifting clamp

Forklift extension forks

Forklift hook attachment

Forklift man basket

Forklift telescopic jib

Forklift tipping skip

Towable site bogey

Vacuum glass lifter

Cruciform lifting beam

Steel road plates


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