Genie Lift Products


Lifting Gear UK is an approved supplier of Genie Lift products for both hire and sale. A globally renowned brand, Genie Lift products offer exceptional performance, safety and reliability. Their lightweight material lifts work to enhance productivity with highly portable solutions for a wide variety of applications.

The Genie Superlift Advantage can be used for most handling applications such as maintenance or installations. The lightweight aluminium construction of these material lifts allows easy transportation and ensures access through the most restricted areas. A wide variety of accessories are available making the Genie Superlift Advantage extremely adaptable to meet your specific needs:-

Extension Forks – Fit over the standard forks to lift bulkier loads;

·Lifting Boom – Allows the lift to be utilised as a crane;

·Load Plate – A flat risible surface for non palleted loads.

·Pipe cradle – Can be used to lift pipework without the risk of load rolling

Counter Balance Genie Lifts can be moved under load as per a fork lift truck. The short leg length allows close access to your load. These Genie Lifts are excellent for accessing loads on counter tops or shelves above fixed objects. Again, accessories are available to tailor the Counter balance Genie lifts to your specific needs.

The Compact Genie Lifts are, as the name suggests, highly compact and easily transported in the back of a van or pick up and fit through a standard doorway. It can lift items flush to walls and allows the user to lean a ladder up against it for access.

The Genie Super Hoist is powered by either carbon dioxide or compressed air and makes easy work of positioning loads such as ductwork or ceiling panels in restricted areas. The compact design allows it to be folded up and fitted into the boot of most cars.

For all your Genie Lift hire and sale needs, please see our Material Lifts, Gantries and Floor Cranes section.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for or would like to speak to our team about your specific requirements, please call 03303 322 650 and we will be happy to assist you.



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